Why get your car detailed by someone over taking it to a 5$ car wash ?

You may say clean is clean, there is a local car wash around the corner it’s easier to run my car through the wash and go on my way.

Maybe there a few things you should now about automatic car washes before you run your nice car threw one again.

Automatic car washes, can ruin a cars finish in no time, you’re letting dirty rags at high speed slap your soft paint on the car, those rags are filled with old grit dirt and small rocks from other dirty cars that have gone trough the wash before you did.

Those dirty rags don’t get washed out no one is cleaning them before you take your into the wash area.

You pay 5$ to get swirl marks all over your brand new car and sure it looks nice and clean and the dirt and dust are gone yes. However now you have induced deep scratches and swirl marks that when the sun hits your cars finish you will see them, and you’ll be like hum how did that happen already?

Automatic car washes have their place yes, but if you care even a tad bit about your cars appearance you will stay away from automatic car washes.

Why use a auto detailing service?

Auto detailers take pride in their jobs they come to your home or work, they will care for your cars finish and make sure you leave with a 100% shine and supper clean car.

Auto detailing is the custom washing you could say. You car gets premium microfiber wash mits on the surface, it gets dirt and grime removed the safe way without hurting your cars clear coat.

The paint can last longer and keep you the car owner happier longer with a scratch and swirl free finish, also keeps the value of your car higher and lasting longer.

Not to mention what the inside of your car will look like when an auto detailer is done with it,

You get your interior vacuumed, dash center console detailed out dust removed from inside of your car, not to mention you don’t want to do all of this on your days off do you?

Hiring an auto detailer is cost effective and easier on you because you don’t have to waste your time doing something you really don’t like doing. Plus your car will look 100% better than if an automatic car wash just beat the outside with dirty mop rags.

At the end of the day it boils down to your choice. 5$ car wash for easy in and out, or pay a little extra for high quality service and perfection job and to keep your cars value at a all time high.

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