Ceramic paint coatings, why is this for you? By you know you’ve probably heard the talk about ceramic coatings, also referred to as nano technology, the ceramic coating is a clear liquid naked to the human eyes, this coating acts as a second clear coat to your paint for a extra layer of protection from every day fall out and makes your car supper simple to maintain for the long run.

Ceramic paint coatings, is a permanent bond that goes on to your paint and forums a glass shield over your existing clear coat to give it that protection it truly needs.

Without getting to technical here, I will cover why ceramic paint coatings are so special and worth the invest meant for any car, boat or Rv owner out there.


The flagship ceramic paint coating that you will have applied to your car, boat or RV is something called 9H, what this means, is that the coatings once cured over the substrate, becomes a 9H hardness, why this is important and and impressive at the same time, is because most new cars, only have a clear coat hardness of 2H and 4H, so your paint is supper soft and can easily be damaged, by bugs, every day road fall out, your brand new car being unprotected becomes very difficult to keep clean and looking new.


When ceramic coating is applied it becomes a 9H hardness that gives you 9 extra layers of protection to your brand new car, so think about how much harder it will be for your paint to get beat up while driving around town. when applying ceramic 9H you are giving your car mass protection abilities that no wax could ever compare with.

Why ceramic paint coatings over waxing?

Waxing is a 40+ year old technology, its old and out dated, however waxing is still better than not waxing your car, it does provide some layer of protection and makes the paint look good also.

However, waxing ,does not fight against bug dropping water spots or light scratching  like a ceramic coating could.

Waxing also does not last, it’s something you have to reapply every few months, after you wash your car waxes will wash away and then your paint is back to being unprotected and in danger to the elements once again.


At the end of the day it really boils down to you, would you rather continue to pay for waxing and polishing your car and have that added cost, or would you rather pay one time, and have a long term coating that will protect your new investment and make maintenance on you 1000 times easier.

Ceramic paint coatings are a new technology that have been around sense 2002 and are becoming more popular for the every day car owner, don’t let your new investment go unprotected.

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Ceramic Paint Coating: Why Is This For You

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