Has you car  been neglected? Are you starting to notice more and more little scratches all over your pretty paint job.

This is almost unavoidable type of situation when it comes to car ownership, everyday our cars are subjected to road grime, bug guts on our cars paint, and little rocks hitting our cars as we drive down the road ways.

However, we often tend to get the most unattractive scratches in our cars paint, during the washing process believe it or not. Alot of cars get these small fine scratches in the most noticeable spots, like your hoods, or the side of your doors, or even the side pice that’s by the back windows.

These type of scratches are what we call, swirl marks.

How does swirl marks occur and how could you avid them?

Here are some simple steps you can take when washing your car for the next time, to insure avoiding inducing any type of swirl marks into your cars paint.

Step 1. Always, and i do mean always use a micro fiber wash mitt, don’t buy those cheap sponges at wal-mart for $2.50 go online or go to an auto parts store and buy a real micro fiber wash mitt, your car will thank you for it.

Step 2. There are two things you could do here, 1, is you could invest in a foam gun, what this does is allows you to get a soap that really suds up and sprays on to the car via a pressure washer, not only does it make you look like a bad ass when washing your car, the soap suds is much better for your car because it really digs into the dirt on your paint and helps remove everything from the surface.

The more dirt and grime the soap lifts the better chance you have of not scratching you car with left over dirt on the paint.

You can get a foam cannon at amzaon.com

Step 3. Use a 2 bucket wash system, even if you use a pressure washer, you never want to dip the micro fiber wash mitt back into the dirty water that u rinsed the mitt out with, always get 2 buckets, one that you can rinse the wash mitt out with and the other for whatever soap you choose to use.

You can also take it a step father and get what we call a dirt grit guard it sits at the bottom of your bucket to keep the dirt from mixing into the water, this is a good choice if you plan to wash more than 1 car at a time.

Step 4. When working on your paints finish, to either dry or remove wax, make sure you go get yourself 100% pure micro fiver rags, these rags will not damage or scratch your cars paint. you can find cheap good quality micro fiber rags at any auto parts store in your town.

Step5. Have fun, and make your car shine like it did when you first brought it home from the dealer.

With these above steps you’ll insure a high quality professional looking car wash.


DIY: How To Repair Scratches On Your Paint

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