What is a Ceramic Paint Coating ? 

Ceramic Coating is a ridged flexible super-slick glass shield bonding to and protecting the substrate.

Ceramic is not chemically removable by high detergents or acids and can only be removed through abrasion.

Ceramic paint coating, is a nano technology unlike anything ever created before. Waxing your car, boat, or RV has now become obsolete and the protection a wax provides over what Ceramic paint coatings provides doesn’t even match up!

Who is Ceramic paint coatings for?

If you’ve just got a new car, boat, motorcycle or even a RV, then you should seriously consider the investment of ceramic paint coatings because, the protection level it provides you for your new investment is unparalleled to anything you could every buy and no polish or wax will give you the benefits that ceramic coatings do.


Why Ceramic Paint Coating For Your Car?

Wax is dead. Waxing is 40+ year old technology.

have ever rolled a candle on the ground and saw what stuck to that wax candle when you were done rolling it on the ground?

dirt grime and bug droppings stick to wax, wax is not slick enough nor self cleaning to give your painted surface the protection it truly needs to stay looking show room shine and new.

Now with ceramic painting coatings, you get 10X the deep shine that wax would give, you get a hard shell formed over your existing painted surface that protects your paint against bug damage water spot etching, light surfacing scratching, and the surface becomes supper slick that it creates a self cleaning effect where dirt and grime rolls of the surface all by its self, thus means less washing for you.

Coating your vehicle will produce better results that last years not months.

Benefits of Ceramic Coatings 

  • Wet look/ reflectivity 
  • protection against wear/minor scratches 
  • Anti stick surface 
  • UV protection 
  • Self Cleaning Effect 
  • Stays Cleaner Longer 
  • Wheels&all surfaces become easy to maintain 

Low friction less drag

Anti corrosive

Non toxic (Eco friendly)


Other Characteristics

  • Hardness above 9H
  • Flexible
  • Temperatures above 1700 degrees
  • Low insulation value
  • Anti fingerprint
  • Antograffiti
  • Weight 0,2,1, gram per SQF depending on porousness


Anchor Pattern? (Metal Profile)

  • Peak and valley
  • preparation work
  • bonding capabilities
  • risk of corrosion



  • Water fear
  • self cleaning
  • Contact angle
  • Roll off angle
  • Super hydrophobicity over 150 degrees




  • Automotive 
  • Marine 
  • Aviation 
  • Home 
  • Industrial