Bronze Detailing Package
Car Detailing

hand wash With Spot FREE Water 

Windows Inside/outside cleaned

Wheel Wells Cleaned 

Tires Dressed/ rims cleaned

Doors Jambs cleaned

Interior seats,carpets, and Trunk Vacuumed

Dash Wiped Clean 

AC vents cleaned/Dusted 

Center console wiped down

Door panels wiped down 


Sales tax will be included when paying via Checks and Credit Cards


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Bronze Detailing Package SUV Detailing

Had wash With spot FREE Water 

Windows cleaned Inside/outside

Tires Dressed/ Rims cleaned

Door jambs cleaned

Interior seats, carpets and trunk vacuumed

Dashed Detailed

AC vents Cleaned/dusted

Center Console wiped down 

Door panels wiped down 

Bronze SUV $65

Sales Take Will Be included when paying Via Checks or Credit Cards

Call 813-727-8902

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