Hand waxing, is something every car needs to maintain a pure painted surface, cars have what they call clear coat on top of the paint, however clear coat is not a wax or a sealant to protect the paint..  Clear coated cars still need to be waxed and protected from UV rays, road grime and every day fall out from driving.

Why should you wax your car?

What wax does is it acts as a protectant for the painted surface, if left un waxed over time, your cars paint becomes rough, hard and can become oxidized, that makes your car look very ugly, you want to avoid these from happening as soon as possible, if a car gets to oxidized and the clear coat gets ruined you may be forced to repaint and that becomes very costly for the car owner.

How long does hand waxing last?

Hand waxing your car, can last upward of a few months, A good practice is to always try and do a good wax on your car once every 3 to 6 months. However hand waxing really depends on how often you drive your car, and how often the car gets washed. The only down fall with waxing is once you wash a car about 3 times the wax is pretty much wiped away and your cars paint is left unprotected and in danger once again.

What type of waxes should you use?

This could be a conversation with a lot of different opinions about what wax someone should use, however, the best way to ensure your cars paint is 100% protected from the every day elements is to find a wax that has UV protectant in just like a sunscreen has for your skin. A wax that is really good for newer cars with nice clear coat on them, is a wax called Zaino is a wax used a lot for show cars, however the average everyday car owner should use this wax as it contains UV 40 just like SPF 40 sunscreen, so your car will be highly protected from the UV rays.

Now if you keep your car under a cover or in a garage, then you could use a different wax like, something a butter wax  that’s a past wax and it gives the paint a really nice deep wet look, and also seals the paint for a slick and protective feel.

Regardless of what waxes you use, the importance is that you have your car waxed and keep it that way to ensure a longevity good paint and for your enjoyment.

Hand Waxing

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